County Benevolent triples Winners 2018

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NBC's County Benevolent triples team played extremely well, well enough in fact to earn themselves a place in the final. To theirs, and the clubs delight, they came through as valiant winners against the triple team from Reading BC. The match was played on neutral grounds at Thatcham BC on 12th August 2018. NBC team consisted of (from left to right) Derek Chivers, Terry O'Neill and Keith Rumble.

Club Opening Night

Tuesday 23 April

Open Day

Mon 6th May 2019


Victoria Park Family Day

Victoria Park.

Please see the Newbury Town Council website for more information.

Meat Raffle & Barbecue


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Race Night

Sat 18th May

Meat Raffle Party


Club Finals

Sat 21st & Sun 22nd September


Closing Social

Mon 23rd September

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Victoria Park, Newbury

Phone Secretary: 01635 40293


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